Our Story

About us

Hi! I am Veronika – the creator of this website. 

Our story begins with a passion for outdoor recreation. Coming from the far Northern Hemisphere, I discovered that heated gear can help with extending the short outdoor season in Northern countries. Hooked on the idea of owning quality heated clothing, I developed an interest in heated gear products and their differences.

Heated gear is a way to experience the great outdoors even if it’s freezing outside. It is a way to show the true beauty of all seasons to those who were previously shy to discover. That is why I bring my knowledge and experience to you.

There are many questions surrounding heated gear – how does it work, is it safe, and many others. Through my own experience and the reviews of other customers, I have been able to create guides and lists of the best heated gear on the market. I found that each manufacturer has its own choice of materials, fit, and quality. In my reviews, I bring to you everything that I have learned about the best heated garments and other heated gear. Hopefully, Cool Heated Gear will help you with key points to look for and even choosing your own heated gear.

My vision for Cool Heated Gear is to be able to recreate that interest for nature even in cold weather. Without a doubt, I will go on exploring and bringing my best knowledge to you. Thank you for staying with me and supporting me through my mission.

I hope you enjoy Cool Heated Gear. Any feedback is welcomed so feel free to leave a comment in my posts or use our contact form.

Cool Heated gear founder, Veronika!